The following documents the policies that govern moonlight • institute. These policies may be revised from time to time by the Board of Directors, for example if new federal non-profit legislation is passed, if new industry standards are adopted, or as new information comes to light. Any changes to the Constitution and Bylaws require approval of the membership at a General Meeting or via any other means permitted by the Constitution and Bylaws.

Constitution (adopted March 21, 2021)

Bylaws (adopted October 7, 2020; last updated March 21, 2021)

Code of Conduct (adopted March 21, 2021)

Conflict of Interest Policy (adopted March 21, 2021)

Membership Policy (adopted March 21, 2021)

These policies are subject to a mandatory annual review by the Board of Directors with the next scheduled review occurring no later than March 21, 2022.


All moonlight • institute governance policies linked above are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are permitted to create, copy, display and distribute originals or derivatives of these policies, including for commercial purposes so long as its done so under a compatible license.