Mission: To nurture a sustainable framework for an equitable and just future.

We’re facing substantial changes in the world, and we urgently need to transform our societies. Within Canada, and our larger context globally, we must prepare for impending climate chaos as well as rapid technological changes that will overhaul our ways of life. The necessary frameworks and pathways to a stable, resilient, and flourishing world are not well defined. We lack the tools, policy, and communication methods to realize such a future. In founding moonlight • institute, we hope to foster policy research, support the development of tools and communication strategies, as well as tell stories of hope, illuminating pathways to a sustainable, equitable, and just world for generations to come.

Policy Areas:

Decolonized governance structures, economic models, and ethical use of technology, intended for implementation in Canada.


On the ground projects and technological tools to encourage and facilitate development of a just and sustainable society.


Developing comms tools to heal divides and converse widely about the future we need, and communicate pathways and hope.